Nicole Barr - Creating Fine Enamel Jewelry Since 1982
Enamel is our passion! A passion that has required real commitment from the day we started as a small jewelry company in 1982. Commitment to each other (13 of us have been together from the start) -- and commitment to the talented Thai craftsmen who work with us as we combine their skill with appropriate technology from the West in our American owned and managed jewelry factory.

He says, "Design process incorporates a lifelong exploration of linear forms in space, and attention to the interplay of aesthetics and the fabrication process (if it's too complicated to make, it's probably not a good design!)."
Nicole Barr is known for our quality of workmanship --
which we patiently oversee from design to enameling to the setting of the finest gemstones and diamonds. But the quality of life for our employees is equally important, and in our own state of the art facility we can provide a comfortable, safe environment to create some of the most beautiful enamel jewelry on the market today.
In the tradition of artists like Faberge and Lalique, Nicole Barr uses true vitreous enamel (hard fired glass) painstakingly applied by hand to 18 K gold and silver – complemented with diamonds and gemstones. We specialize in a difficult technique called plique-á-jour, where the enamel is suspended between delicate wires of silver or gold without a backing, allowing the light to shine through.